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SL3300G2T End Dump

Introducing the all new SL3300G2T by Renn – Redesigned for 2020!

This trailer has been engineered part by part making it the lightest (HIGHEST PAYLOAD) and strongest trailer in the industry. It has a 3/16” Hardox 450 Floor, 4mm Hardox 450 walls, 3/16” Hardox 450 Front, 3/16” Hardox 450 Gate, Engineered Tub design to shed material with an overall wall height of 111”. This height allows for a lower center of gravity, resulting in more stability.

It comes standard with 24.5” Steel wheels, Minimizer fenders, Electric tarp with 18” hoops and weighs an incredible 16,800 lbs (alum rims). This design optimizes the strength to weight ratio providing you best payload in its class and has the strength to provide worry-free performance for years.

Standard Features & Specifications

The Next Generation G2T End Dump

General Information

Model: SL3300GEN2 – Tridem End Dump
Top of Side Capacity: ~27.5 yd/3
Top of Boards Capacity: ~35 yd/3
Trailer Weight: Approx 16,040 lbs.


Box Specifications

Dimensions: Box Length 33’, Width – 8 1/2′, Top of Board Height 113” — Tub Height 51”

Landing Gear: 2 Speed 64000lb Extendable Landing Gear

King Pin: Set at 20”, 3/8″ Hardox Coupler Plate

Frame: Engineered twin I-Beam

Box: 4mm Hardox 450 Upper Wall, 0.188 Hardox 450 Floor, Front and Supports, Tub Designed For Maximum Strength, Weight, and Cleanout

Cylinder: 45 Ton 5 Stage Telescopic High Mount 9.0” x 281” (40 imp gal), 1″ Female Quick Coupler at Front of Trailer

Ladders: Ladder at back on D/S, Ladder Installed at Front of Trailer

Tailgate: 52″ 0.188″ Hardox 450 sloped Tailgate c/w air trip
Containment seal on Tailgate c/w rubber seal & latches (2) Bolt on tipping hinge

Boards: 8″ Side Boards

Air System: Standard Air Tanks, Pressure Gauge, Manual Override Valve, Serviceable Inline Air Filtration System

Tires: Cooper RoadMaster 230HH On/Off Road

Rims: Steel white Powdercoated 24.5”, 10 Bolt (inner & outer)

Data: Meets or Exceeds all Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards

Jack: Double landing gear: 62,500 lbs. per set

Suspension: SAF-Holland Air Ride with Three 23,000lb axles @ 120” Spread, 17” Ride Height, 77 1/2″ Track Width, SAF Holland Wheel End Cast Hub and Drum, Wheel Seals Stemco Guardian HP (Grease Hub)

Brakes: 16.5″ x 7″ Extended Life Antilock Braking System, Bendix TABS-6 ABS (2 Sensors/1 Modulator), Meritor Auto Slack Adjusters, Spring Brake Pots 30/30 TSE,  18” Cam Length


Standard Features

Coating Frame: Complete Steel Shot Blasted, PPG DTM Urethane

Coating Box: Epoxy Primer, Top Coat PPG Urethane, All Painted Parts Baked in Heat Ovens

Safety: Reflective Tape

Lighting: HD Sealed Wiring Harness System, LED as per CMVSS with Side Signals

Tarp: Michels Gravel Guard Vinyl Electric, Hoops 18″ Standard

Fenders: Fenders Minimizer Fenders Rear, Alum Checkerplate Front

Mudflaps: RENN Full-Width Mudflaps at Rear and Front of Axles

Jack: Double landing gear: 62,500 lbs. per set

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