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SL1700 AR

Renn pups are designed and manufactured in Alberta to meet the needs of the most hard core gravel hauler. With a Renn gravel pup trailer behind your truck, you increase your payload every trip, which at the end of the day, puts more money in your pocket.

A heavy duty wide-flange I-beam creates a strong durable frame that withstands the roughest haul roads. Renn pups come with fourteen-foot (tandem axle) or seventeen-foot (triple axle) boxes and are available with spring or air-ride suspensions and many other options such as lift axles.

All Renn pup boxes and frames are shot blasted, zinc primed and coated with PPG urethane paint, using a state of the art paint process to ensure long-lasting protection.

The wiring is fully enclosed and utilizes a modular wiring harness that protects against moisture, corrosion and damage.

Renn pup trailers are your best choice for long lasting quality and performance every time.

Standard Features & Specifications

strength & tradition

General Specifications

Capacity: 15.76 yd/3    TARE: 12960 lbs

Dimensions: Box Length 17’, Outside Width 8’, Overall Length 30’4”

Overall Height 82-15/16”, Wall Height 30”

Landing Gear: 1 Jack 7000lb Extendable Landing Gear

Pintle Eye: Holland DB1407-SE Forged 2.38” ID Drawbar

Frame: 10” @ 26 WF Beam

Box: Double Wall
Front: One 42” piece 3/16” Plate
Inner Sides: 12 gauge High Tensile AR200 Steel Full Inside Liner
Outer Sides: 12 gauge Steel-Formed 30”
Floor: One-piece 3/16” AR200 formed up each side
Front: 42” Flat Front 3/16” AR200
Gate: Inner 3/16” AR200 plate, Outer 12 Gauge HTS – Formed Cross Ribs, Straight Gate w/Air Trip
Fender: Full Length 12 Gauge Fender Skirts
Tipping Sill: 4”

Cylinder: 35 Ton 4 Stage -5.5” Base x 157” Stroke
1″ Male Quick Coupler at Front of Trailer

Ladders: Ladder at back on D/S

Boards: 12″ Painted Side Boards, 6 plank brackets

Air System: Standard Air Tanks

Tires: Dunlop Cooper RoadMaster HH 230 On/Off Road

Rims: 24.5” x 8.25” Steel Powder-coated (inner & outer)

Data: Meets or Exceeds all Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards

Suspension: SAF Holland Air Ride with Three 23,000lb axles @ 98” Axle Spread
17” Ride Height, 77 1/2″ Track Width
Wheel Seals Stemco Guardian HP

Brakes: 16.5″ x 7″ Extended Life Antilock Braking System
Bendix TABS-6 ABS (2 Sensors/1 Modulator)
Meritor Auto Slack Adjusters, Spring Brake Pots 30/30 TSE
23” Cam Length – SAF Holland Wheel End Cast Hub and Drum

Standard Features

Coating Frame: Complete Steel Shot Blasted, PPG DTM Urethane

Coating Box: Epoxy Primer Inside and Out, Top Coat PPG Urethane, All Painted Parts Baked in Heat Ovens

All Painted Parts Baked in Heat Ovens

Painted Side Boards: Black

Colors: White or Silver (custom colors available – see options)

Board Gussets: 3 Per Side

Bumpers: Rear Light Bar

Document Holder: Included

Safety: Reflective Tape

Lighting: HD Sealed Wiring Harness System: Rubber Mounted LED as per CMVSS with Side Signals

Tarp: 22 oz Electric Black Mesh flip tarp c/w lower Manual Backup Bracket

Mudflaps: RENN Mudflaps at Front & Rear of Axles

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