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About Southland Trailer Corp.

Southland Trailer Corp., is an incubator where innovative ideas thrive and flourish as we strive to adapt to changing market and consumer demands. At Southland, we are innovators, entrepreneurs, creators, designers and visionaries working together. Our commitment goes beyond the manufacturing process as we invest in relationships between ourselves, the dealers and the consumers, and they have brought us to a position to add value to our products beyond the capability and features of the product itself.

Thank you for your interest in Southland Trailer Corp. and please feel free to contact us with any feedback you may have.

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Southland fabricates our entire product line in-house, which increases production and minimizes cost. Currently, at Southland Trailers we have divided our plant up into four main areas: Parts Fabrication, Fabrication Line, Prep/Paint Booth and Finishing Line.

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Get the Royal Advantage

For those who are looking for a High End trailer that’s known for its dependability and longevity, the Original Royal is the answer. It’s specifically designed for robust commercial or industrial applications. Each and every component of the Original Royal is based on performance. Whether it’s 40 below weather, tough terrain or being on the road 24/7, the Original Royal will handle any obstacle in its path.

Superior Design, Superior Strength.

Renn design and builds toughness into every inch of its products. Constructed to have the best strength to weight ratio, Renn gravel products are the strongest on the market, period. When it comes to heavy work you want something that can stand up to the impact of  daily wear and tear and our conventional double wall system is designed to do just that.

Behind You All The Way

Southland’s reputation for building tough hard working trailers comes through in the flatdeck and dump trailer line up. The Southland product line comes from 35 years of manufacturing experience, creating the best trailers in every class. The strength to weight ratio is industry leading, meaning more payload capacity, and better fuel economy when the trailer is empty.

Southland Trailers